Terms and Conditions of business between Kuse Technologies Pvt Ltd and the Subscriber (electronic format)

  1. Kuse Technologies private Limited is a private company registered in India with its registered office at #4, Chandrala, Midmac 6th Avenue, Near Rajiv nagar, Hubballi – 580 031, KARNATAKA, hereafter mentioned either as Kuse or Kuse Technologies.
  2. Smartlyne is a SaaS based technology platform, owned by Kuse technologies private limited.
  3. Subscriber is a firm/entity/individual, who agrees to the terms and conditions mentioned in this document and who registers in SMARTLYNE platform to use the software from Smartlyne platform on pay and use basis for his business purpose.
  4. Assets include different technology software like website, mobile Application, marketing tools, analytics tools, data management tools etc provided by Kuse Technologies to the subscriber for use, subject to below terms and conditions.
  5. Domain name is an internet enabled name, used in world wide web to connect to a particular website
  6. E-market is a common market place of products in Smartlyne managed by Kuse technologies, where different sellers list their products for sale purpose to the end consumer or to the subscriber.
  7. Kuse technologies makes available information regarding inventory and prices of different sellers to consumers and the subscribers through the SMARTLYNE E-market.
  8. Smartlyne platform only facilitates the transaction between a seller and consumer/subscriber as a market place through its E-market
  9. Kuse technologies is not responsible for the product selling price, MRP, inventory quantity etc for the products listed by the seller in the E-market.
  10. Kuse technologies will not be held responsible by the subscriber or any consumer for the quality or performance of any product sold through the E-market.
  11. Kuse technologies is not responsible for any incorrect information regarding the product feature. We only provide the information as provided by the brand
  12. Kuse technologies does not give any warranty/guarantee/repair service for any product listed in the Smartlyne E-market.
  13. Warranty or repair services for the products if any, are provided only by the companies owning the brands, to which the products belong to and that also according to their policy.
  14. The third party service providers of Kuse technologies like payment gateway service provider, SMS gateway provider, logistics provider etc may have access to the end customer’s private information regarding customers name, mobile number, credit card number, debit number, email address, buying trends, address, age, gender, or any other information regarding the customer
  15. Kuse technologies pays back the store a commission on the sales that is generated through the E-market to our Smartlyne listed sellers, which products are listed through the online assets like web, App etc
  16. The E-market commission may vary from product to product , brand to brand and from time to time
  17. Kuse technologies does not pay any commission for the products, which are directly listed by the subscriber
  18. Kuse technologies is not responsible for the liabilities or litigation which arise from products listed directly by the subscriber or to the subscriber; but not by Smartlyne listed sellers through the E-market
  19. At times, the technology assets like web, App etc may not work due to natural calamities or network/ data centre issues or maintenance or up gradation. In such cases, the subscriber cannot claim any compensation or damage from Kuse Technologies.
  20. Kuse technologies does not assure or guarantee the performance, functioning or uptime of the web or app assets and Smartlyne cannot be held responsible for any loss resulting because of the performance of the website or the platform.
  21. The subscriber cannot claim for expenses that he/she may have spent to do marketing or promotion or branding of their assets
  22. The subscriber will ensure that its keeps the confidentiality of the software/ software code/ technology/business plan/pricings of products etc and will not share the same to any other party.
  23. Kuse technologies is only providing the technology platform to the website along with the data of the products listed by different sellers and also facilitating services of payment gateway, sms gateway, data center, social media marketing agency and logistics through different service providers.
  24. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to renew or get renewed his domain name under which the website is identified. Any delay on the part of subscriber will result in expiry of the domain name.
  25. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to pay the full subscription fees to Kuse technologies as agreed during the registration in the form or through email quotation. Any non-payment or delay in paying will resulting in cancellation of subscription and all the rights of the subscriber to use the technology assets provided by Kuse Technologies through SMARTLYNE platform will be cancelled and immediately withdrawn.
  26. Subscriber is not authorised to sell any banned products or products acquired through illegal and immoral means through the assets provided by Kuse technologies. Kuse technologies is not responsible for any such activity by the subscriber.
  27. Subscriber is solely responsible for filing the taxes and complying with the law of the land for the products sold by the subscriber or income generated through sales or through commission from Kuse technologies.
  28. In case of any legal dispute, the jurisdiction will be at Hubballi, Karnataka State.