Our Ai powered products helps an organization to digitally transform itself into a modern data-driven entity

360Jumboo Know Features

360Jumboo - An Ai powered GTM (Sales Channels) management solution
360Jumboo offers a comprehensive GTM (Go-To-Market) solution, consolidating all sales channels into one dashboard. This streamlines operations, optimizes inventory, and reduces costs. Leveraging AI capabilities, 360Jumboo simplifies multi-channel management, empowering brands to navigate online platforms like E-commerce and Marketplaces, as well as offline channels such as Distribution networks and Retail outlets. With 360Jumboo, businesses adapt to market dynamics with agility and efficiency.

SMARTLYNE- An Ai powered Retail Management System
SMARTLYNE revolutionizes retail management with its AI-powered, web-based software. Seamlessly transitioning traditional retail into modern entities with hyper-automation and Super-aggregation methods. This transformative approach empowers businesses to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and stay ahead in today's dynamic market landscape.

Hyper-Automated with Ai
Automation simplifies operations, reduce costs & human errors and makes operations fast. Enables an average human to perform complex tasks.
Omni channel
Flexible & Scalable
Manage any type of business with true Omni-Channel. Supports any type of channel - Online & Offline, with multiple warehouses, stores, logistics, franchisee, affiliates & distributors.
ONDC seller app
Managed Services
Backed by services like Backups, Cataloging, Campaign Designing, Market-place, ONDC, On-demand API etc.
retailing software
360° Api Stack
Connect digitally with surround eco-system and service providers and experience seamless data exchange with our ready API stack.
mobile shop
Free Support & Training
Pre-launch training, Access to Training version, Online videos and Real-time support ensures that your work never stops.
accounting software
Managed Migration
Our process ensures hassle free data migration from any existing software.
mobile phone shop
erp for mobile phone store
erp for electronics shop
erp for mobile phone shop
erp for mobile phone store