SMARTLYNE- an Ai powered Retail Management System for New age data-driven Retailing

Point-of-Sale (POS) Automation:
SMARTLYNE revolutionizes the retail checkout/billing experience with its advanced App assisted POS system, boasting automation capabilities across over 350 use cases from inventory management and order processing to customer engagement and payment processing.

Warehouse Management: SMARTLYNE's' robust warehouse management system, ensures optimal utilization of resources and streamlined logistics operations. From inventory tracking & Barcode management to order fulfillment, the system minimizes stockouts, reduce holding costs, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.

Discounts/Schemes Master: Automate and manage Discounts & Schemes, integrated with claim management and accounts. Never loose track of trade claims.

Receivables & Reconciliations: Efficient management of Receivables & smart reconciliation process ensures an accurate balance sheet without any data or process lapses.


Multi-company & Multi-location

Efficient management of Multiple Companies, Tax profiles; multiple Stores and warehouses

Smart POS

Smart POS

Quality invoices with automation of more than 350 use cases


Track Claims & Receivables

Attribute Discounts/Schemes. Track claims & receivables


360° API integration

Integrate with service providers/vendors for seamless operations

Accounting with Ai: AI-assisted inventory management and accounting helps a retail with proper compliance and pilferage control while also providing personalized recommendations, predictive analytics, and enhanced customer engagement.

True Omni-channel: SMARTLYNE empowers retailers to enagage with customers with any type of online & offline channel (such as E-commerce, Marketplaces, ONDC & Retail outlets). True Omni-Channel ensures that businesses can reach customers across various touchpoints, maximizing their market reach and potential sales.

Digital Bills Digital Bills save time and cost at the store level and provides an interactive multi-dimensional engagement with the customer.

Online ERP

Ai Assisted

Ai assisted business decisions


Agile & Efficient

Quick adaption to market changes

Accounting software

True Omni-Channel

Enable 360° customer engagement


Cost Reduction

Significant reduction in variable expenses









What our customers say about us.

Hyper-Automated with Ai
Automation simplifies operations, reduce costs & human errors and makes operations fast. Enables an average human to perform complex tasks.
Omni channel
Flexible & Scalable
Manage any type of business with true Omni-Channel. Supports multi-dimensional engagement with customer, both - Online & Offline, with multiple stores.
ONDC seller app
Managed Services
Backed by services like Backups, Cataloging, Campaign Designing, Market-place, ONDC, On-demand API etc.
retailing software
360° Api Stack
Connect digitally with surround eco-system and service providers and experience seamless data exchange with our ready API stack.
mobile shop
Free Support & Training
Pre-launch training, Access to Training version, Online videos and Real-time support ensures that your work never stops.
accounting software
Managed Migration
Our process ensures hassle free data migration from any existing software.